Ten Small or Light Souvenirs

Collecting souvenirs from my travels is always something that I look forward too. Disatuarably some items can significantly weigh down luggage and possibly cost you more than you bargained for at check-in. Here are some souvenirs that won't add, or won't add as much, to the overall weight of your bag/suitcase.

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Luxury Hotel Chateau Lake Louise: Part 2

That evening we conversed about wealth, spirituality and the pursuit of happiness at Lakeview Lounge, where tapas and cocktails were served. The flatbread, chicken spring rolls and, two cocktails were all delicious. The lights were dimmed down to create an ambiance, a magical feeling. More cocktails were ordered each one with a different palette and story to tell.

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Luxury Hotel Chateau Lake Louise: Part 1

Before entering the chateau it was impossible to miss the roundabout that was embellished with black chauffeured vehicles, luxury luggage and, guest wrapped in, oh so trendy, Canadian Goose coats. To my left was Lake Louise and Mt. Fairview, both of which were completely frozen over by the Canadian cold. An ice replica of the hotel topped the frozen lake like it had been there just as long as the hotel had. Reds, golds, royal blue and, creams decorated the lobby, the theme was carried out through the rest of the hotel. A grand staircase past the lobby guided me up to the gym, spa and, a portion of the rooms. My room was situated on the 4th floor looking out to the glacier. The decor in the room did not fall short and continued the familiar color scheme from the downstairs lobby. The queen sized bed had crisp white linens that were tucked in as if it was done with a ruler, pillows were perfectly plush, and my favorite Fairmont magazine was ready to be opened. Nothing was out of place. The hotel it’self offered rooms, suites, and 2-floor apartment style deluxe suites.

How to Solo Travel as a Female

More than often I travel solo on all my trips. I personally enjoy traveling "sans persons" as it gives me the opportunity to focus on myself and take time to reconnect. It's always a great idea to be cautious when traveling alone especially as a female. Safety is a priority to me, second being luxury add-ons of course. Without further ado here's a guide on how I'm able to travel solo safely as a female.

48 Hours in Lake Louise

Lake Louise I quaint town and is known to be the highest altitude city in Canada, sitting at 1,600 meters, this city is also a place I called home only a few years ago when I first started traveling. I got a chance to go back and really experience the town as a tourist this time, instead of a resident.