Booking Luxury Accommodations

Booking Luxury Accommodations


So you want to travel in the laps of luxury, maybe book the ultimate luxury getaway ? Well let's save you some coin while doing so, that way you can spend the money you saved on a luxury handbag!

Luxury Flights

When it comes to luxury flights, or any flights, there is a little known secret that #travelbloggers and #luxurytravelbloggers use to get the best deal possible. this secret is known as

SkyScanner allows you to look up flights like any other booking site, pulling information from all the top booking sites (that way you get the best deal). What sets this site apart from the others is the fact that you can look up the cheapest month out of the year to book a flight to a certain destination or if you're not sure on the destination yet but you know when you would like to travel you can actually choose a date and search for the cheapest destinations during that time. I've actually used this site before to book a flight from Toronto to Atlantic City for $98 dollar round trip. I currently have my eye on a $500 dollar round trip from Detroit to Iceland. If that's not a #travelhack I'm not sure what is.


Another hack that people aren't aware of is you can actually be bumped up to first class for free. Now this is not a guaranteed however I've seen it happen quite often. The goal is to book your seat on a flight that has a lot of seats left, that way there a higher chance for you to get moved around. You also will have to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the check in cut off (you want to be the first to get offered one of the first class seats).

Side note: This #flighthack actually works for hotels as well!



There is only one site, or one app I should say, that I use when booking hotels and that is This app has a variety of hotels from dirt cheap to luxury hotels, however all of them are discounted. The best time to book on this app is the day or day before your trip, this is the time hotels get really desperate to fill the rooms so they lower the prices down significantly. I know it's scary to wait until last minute to book a hotel but I've never gone without a room while using this app.


As I mentioned before you can actually get your room upgraded for free when you arrive at least 3 hours prior to check in time. Once again this is not guaranteed however it works for me about 70 percent of the time.


Luxury Transportation

Now it's no secret that Uber is the easiest way to travel while at a destination (if available). How is #Uber luxurious you ask? Well it's not however their UberBlack options are. UberBlack allows you to travel in Mercedes, BMW and Chrysler cars just to name a few all in my favorite shade, Black. This Uber option is much cheaper than renting a car and paying for valet or using the hotels chauffeur service.


To wrap it up luxury trips do not always have to break the bank if you know where to look and if you're willing to make a few sacrifices in the name of luxury.

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