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What To Do On A Long-Haul Flight

I sincerely love the whole process of travel, especially the flights. I find it painfully easy to get work done and to catch up on some much-needed rest while in the air. For others, maybe even yourself, flying is a big inconvenience and a time-consuming activity that you'd rather not take part in. Here are my go-to activities when the flight is just unbearably uninteresting.

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Five Insta-Worthy Locations in Morroco

Nearly all vacations happen with an endless parade of photos, from food to latenight outings. For a magical place like Morocco, it’s just too hard to narrow down your choices of postcard-worthy backdrops for your next envy-inducing Instagram post. Morocco is just one of the few countries that will always leave you in awe no matter how many times you travel there and for a good reason. This country takes pride in its colorful culture, delectable spices and cuisine, as well as architecture and history. It is teeming with wonders that you can never resist to discover, which is why it's always at the top of the list of luxury holidaymakers around the globe.

So you’re planning to recreate a memory of Morocco through photographs? Great. Because in this blog, I’ll take you to the top five most photo-worthy locations so you can capture your next #instastory Moroccan style.

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Ten Small or Light Souvenirs

Collecting souvenirs from my travels is always something that I look forward too. Disatuarably some items can significantly weigh down luggage and possibly cost you more than you bargained for at check-in. Here are some souvenirs that won't add, or won't add as much, to the overall weight of your bag/suitcase.

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