What I Brought To Iceland And What I Could Have Left Behind

What I Brought To Iceland And What I Could Have Left Behind

With my jet lag finally gone and my normal frantic routine slowly setting back in, I've decided to go over what I hauled to Iceland and touch on what I could have left behind. Hopefully, this will be utilized as a loose guideline for expeditions to Iceland. *Articles may vary depending on the nature and period of the trip.

I fit everything snug into my Kyodan knapsack that conveniently had a divider for clear organization. This bag is also reflective for night travel, this feature genuinely came in handy as the sun started to set at 5-6pm during my trip. Besides the usual essentials of socks, undergarments, and toiletries these were the items I brought:

1. Helly Hanson Base Layers


3.Camera Equipment

4.Two sets of gloves

5.One Knit Sweater

6.One Sports Pullover

7.One Pair of Leggings

8.One Pair of Flip-flops

9.Various Snacks

10.Travel Wallet

11.Three International Plug Adapters

12.Winter Parka


14.Columbia 200 Gram Boots

15.Winter Hat


17.Phone Chargers



I was nearly spot on for this excursion, particularly with the base layers. There were only a handful of things that really weren't necessary and only took up supplementary space in my bag, these items were:

1. Winter Boots

Unless traveling to Iceland during the winter months or traveling north where it was snowing, I absolutely could have gotten away with a running shoe. If I had remained in cosmopolitan Reykjavik the whole time, a stylish leather platform with a closed toe would have done wonders.


I said in the past, bringing a towel on trips is redundant so I'm unsure why I doubted myself this time. My AirBnb had a burden of fresh towels at my dispense.

3.Second Pair of Gloves

Gloves were required for this trip to Iceland, however, the one pair would have done me just fine. I'd highly recommend a pair of gloves with mobile touchscreen capabilities, as taking my hands out of the warmth to answer a text was not my number one priority.


Unfortunately, the internet had convinced me that buying food, or anything for the matter, in Iceland, would be highly costly. Sure it did cost me more than it would on a trip to Mexico or Chicago, however, it was not nearly a one would assume. I purchased all my meals while in Iceland and didn't even touch my "rations".


With the base layers from Helly Hansen, the legwarmers didn't even leave my bag.

Have you ever been to Iceland? I'd love to hear what you brought on your trip and what you could have left behind.

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